Metaphor With Tigers!

Visual poetry by Sean Singer, Yale Young Poets Award Winner 2001


  1. More about the fascinating life of this poet here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sean_Singer

  2. Not included in the wikipedia entry is Maximin's violent encounter with the poet. Late one night the poet tried to throw Maximin down a flight of stairs. The poet wore tan corduroy pants, the poetic uniform in those days, and the poet's followers (there were many) remarked to us that they had never seen the poet angry in any way before. What had we done?

    We were drunk and felt bad about it. But that didn't stop us from sabotaging his poetry reading a few days later.

  3. Anonymous2.6.10

    1) Having a wikipedia page is an "honor and accomplishment" and I feel should be listed amongst his

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  4. 1) His work Discography I have kept next to my toilet for the past 8 years and it has done more to stimulate satisfying bowel movements than any other work of serious American literature. When the poet gave me his book at a bar in the East Village I had no idea then the joy it would bring to my intestinal tract. It was a hot day in the city, and I remember the poet made the bartender nervous after getting red-faced, giddy and intoxicated only half way through his first pint. When he was in the bathroom I explained to the bartender that he was not simply a poet, but an academic poet, and that such reactions sometimes occurred and that she should not hesitate to serve him. I would look out for him.

    2) Roosh is the only one of them I have given any time to. The others seem to be knockoffs, poor reporductions. Unless your Henry fucking Miller, girl chasing and fucking stories bore me.

    3) This game stuff bothers me. I don't play a part. I take what I want. "Playing game" seems to me the ultimate beta move, when a man masquerades as an alpha to get the chicks an alpha gets by default (to put it in their language).


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