Work In Progress: Raleigh Twenty

Raleigh Twenty Folding Bicycle constructed April 1971.
Partial re-assembly following oxalic acid bath.


Trust Oxalic Acid

Listen to no one who would argue steel wool or any sort of friction upon a painted bicycle frame or chromed metal fender is ideal for removing rust. An oxalic acid bath is the only way to completely destroy rust on a bicycle--particularly rust inside the frame--while doing no damage to the metal, paint, or decals. A 10-12 hour bath and light scrubbing with a Scotch Brite pad removed all rust from the frame and chromed parts of my Raleigh Twenty.

Pictures are of 2 bath tubs I designed. First is a shoebox duct taped for integrity and lined with a piece of tarp. Second is a larger tub made of two wine boxes cut and duct taped together and tarp lined. For larger frames a third wine box could be added.

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