Freight Team Update

1. Congratulations to Mauro the hot dog guy who was recently promoted from keeper of the outdoor hot dog stand to a member of the freight team. Mauro has also gone into business as a Spanish-language vitamin salesman for a sort of ponzi-scheme vitamin sales organization. During break time he studies from a large binder containing summaries on hundreds of vitamin supplements. He believes there is great upside to the vitamin business. America is a wonderful place.

2. Ted has been angry now for over a week following the theft of his gummy bears. After confronting most of the daytime staff he now believes it was the freight team who stole them. He glares at each of us when we see him.

3. Frank has stopped tearing out or smudging away the face of Barack Obama in the newspapers left in the break room. Since he was hired the newspapers have had carefully torn holes where Obama's face would have been. Frank was even careful to remove the ears. It is not yet known why Frank ended this practice.

Aphorisms For A Golden Age

10. The human is not different from the other animals because of his speech, his domination of the earth, or even his culture, but that he has the capacity for a deep unhappiness. His unhappiness is the expression of his domestication.

11. The child is father to the man.

12. The great man is once a man, but he is twice a child.

33. There is no courage in the risky act of the child. Only a man who takes such action--passing through risk, understanding it and feeling its danger--has acted courageously. His fellow men are apt to call him underdeveloped, immature, even childlike: A grown man should know better than to embrace risk. A grown man should know better than to act courageously.

34. What is courageous encourages the derision of other men. What is courageous cannot be acceptable. What is courageous cannot be explained.

51. How much stupidity is confused with courage? How much courage dismissed as stupidity?


La Pelea

"I loved myself more than I could love her. She hated herself more than she could love me. Of course, it didn't work out."


Men Hunt, Women Gather

From The Origins of Virtue by Matt Ridley.

99% of human history is that of hunter-gatherer tribes with the characteristics described above. We no longer hunt and gather in this sense, and Western women now perform much of the work that men do (knowledge worker jobs). It makes sense to ask, were we biologically ready for this dramatic change in the sexual division of labor?


On Sick Babies

The following are hypotheses I developed after speaking with my mother who, other than working many decades in the school systems with damaged children, I take to be an expert on many matters. None of these observations are the result of scientific study--the causations and inferences are entirely speculative--though I hope that one day some scientist will take up a study with them in mind.

1. It is now a confirmed trend that women are choosing to have their first pregnancy in or after their middle thirties. This trend has correlated with a dramatic rise in the birthrate of autistic children and children afflicted with a variety of syndromes not known before (these are facts, numbering well beyond the bar of statistical significance). Correlation is not necessarily causation, but a link between autism and the greater frequency of older first-time mothers should be acknowledged and investigated.

2. Women who do not use their reproductive organs during their peak reproductive period (approximately 16-28) are more prone to cancers. Powerful hormones within the female urge action and reproduction, and a woman ignores those hormones at her own risk. The reproductive systems require use and practice and undirected, ignored hormones lead to imbalances--cancer.

3. Men have a responsibility in this as well. As a man ages his sperm is reproduced as an imitation of the prior vintage of sperm. Thus an older man beyond his peak sexual years (essentially the same as a woman’s) is impregnating women with sperm that is the copy many times over of itself. These copies are never exact copies and are often copies of sperm which is defective or not as strong as younger sperm. Such “old sperm” could be a contributing factor to autism and other emerging syndromes.

4. Never should a man and woman participate in artificial insemination. In such a case certain sperm, sometimes one individual sperm, is favored by a doctor to enter the egg. However, this is probably not the strongest of the male sperm during an ejaculation (only 2000 of millions and millions actually get anywhere near the egg; some ejaculations even contain no sperm strong enough to reach and penetrate the egg) and any pregnancy induced in this matter has a greater chance of producing a damaged child due to defective or less than ideal sperm. This is to say nothing of the risks associated with the doctor choosing where to place the egg inside the woman, the health of the egg, etc etc.

5. Never should a woman abort a pregnancy as a matter of convenience. Not only does the abortion of a healthy pregnancy pose risks to the reproductive health of the woman, but it does not allow her body the practice of giving birth (see 2. above). Put the child up for adoption if healthy. Or, if born sick, dispose of the baby as the Spartans did by placing it in a cave to die. A healthy woman can within a year have another baby to replace it should she choose to.

6. The West has embraced women giving birth later or not at all. This has enabled career-minded women to forego child-bearing to compete with men and make money during their most fertile years. The medical industry has expanded rapidly as a result of the afflicted children born of these career-minded mothers. There is big money in the sickness and long-term care for such children born of old eggs and old sperm. Choosing to make babies when it is convenient for your career and not your body is a mistake.

Additional Notes On Autism:

7. Those afflicted with autism are often technically gifted, excelling in the fields of science, mathematics, and computer technology. These gifts come in exchange for a lack of emphathy towards other humans and social ability. Given that the Western world is one dominated by technology and science (in the service of capitalism) the career opportunities for those with autism and rare technical abilities are many. With autism afflicting males at significantly higher rates than females (1 in 70 vs 1 in 110) there are many more technically gifted autistic men who are successful career-wise (making money). And given that women prefer wealth in a man to most other characteristics it follows that there are more autistic men giving birth to autistic children than in the past (autism is 90% hereditary). Autistic men, once ostracized for a lack of social skills, are now viewed as suitable mates as result of wealth gained through their technical prowess (e.g. Bill Gates).

8. Might the intricately systematic nature of modern life be in fact triggering the development of autistic instincts in individuals? Could a culture enamoured with science and mathematics and control be turning on genes that are related to autism? (One might say it takes a mild form of autism to excel in a systematic culture.) Could successful careerist (read: some form of systematized life) adults be passing along "turned-on" autistic genes to their offspring? It would figure the older the parent the more likely the autistic genes have been triggered, the more active the genes, and hence the more likely a child with autism is produced.

9. Might autism be related to a sort of system building gene?


Aphorisms: Entrepreneurs of the State

1. Without intervention by the State there would be economic prosperity.

2. Without intervention by the State there would be moral prosperity.

3. As the State grows through regulations, prohibitions and social programs a new and growing entrepreneurial class makes itself the beneficiary:

3-1. Think of the health insurers who will bring in millions of new policy holders under threat of federal penalty for not having health insurance.

3-2. Think of the accountants and lawyers who constitute the professional class of interpreters and explainers of federal accounting and legal codes, regulations and laws.

3-3. Think of large retailers such as Walmart, who support healthcare regulation and other business regulations, that while resulting in an increase in its own costs will do more damage to its smaller competitors, thereby gaining it market share.

3-4. Think of the environmental companies (green builders, electric car makers, windmill designers and such) who today lobby for environmental laws that will result in the economy being remade to their personal benefit.

3-5. And lastly think of the welfare mother, who by giving birth to receive State payments, is the entrepreneur of the ghetto.

3-6. These are all exploitations of one's productive neighbors made anonymous and guiltless through the facilitation of the State.

4. No work that exists as a result of State intervention can be considered economically productive, or moral.

Other Machines: Slip Sheet Forklift

I only recently began driving the Slip Sheet Forklift. Its operation is similar to the Reach Lift as one uses the wheel control in the left hand to turn the machine right and left, while operating the joystick with the right to move the forks. Similar to the Reach it operates using a dead man's pedal, with backward and forward movement controlled with the joystick. Unlike the Reach it does not have feet that protrude or the ability to extend the forks, making it closer to the basic Fork Lift in actual operation (though battery not liquid gas powered). Because the cockpit controls are set fairly close together on the left side of the machine, one needs either to turn sideways in the cockpit or operate it with one's right arm crossing his body, making it awkward to use. I cannot understand what this machine is used for given its redundancies when compared to the basic Fork Lift and Reach Lift. In fact, I would prefer having a second Reach to this machine due to its better maneuverability, fork control, and handling in narrow aisles.


Aphorisms Delivered By Telephone

39. I imagine my body inhabited by myself at 22 and at 75, and how each version of myself would direct me today. I do this to realize there is no one my age in control. Today is only an understanding of what I think were the dreams of my past and a speculation on my regrets of the future. Living to satisfy both I will have lived.

67. The limits to what a man can accomplish philosophically are the limits of his experience: his language, the time he was born to, and the courageous action he takes or fails to take. If he is lucky his action will allow him to see more clearly the difference between his instincts and those of the other men. It is this difference that is philosophy. One might say his skill as a philosopher is a matter of articulating a courageous act.

68. I write at a time when the human systems are shaken and cracked, and what is natural and untamed has begun to shine through. Is it time almost for the return of the saints?


Howie Blakely (Part 2)

Part 1 here.

“Hey Frank,” says Paulie, “Did you ever get revenge on Howie Blakely?”
Frank smiles. “I did have my chance. We were both at court for probation at the same time.”
“Whatd’ya mean?”
“We both got arrested for the fight. We were sitting next to each other outside the court.” Says Frank, “I thought, I’m gonna take him right here. My face was still really beat up then. I felt humiliated every day. Here I have my shot and right outside the courtroom for our probation hearing.”
“So whatd’ya do?”
Frank smiles. “Right about the second I'm going to jump him, Howie Blakely turns to me. He says he’s sorry. He’s had a lot of issues in the past year. He didn’t mean to do what he did. He asks if I want to go to breakfast with him.”
“He asks you to breakfast?”
“I said okay. Then he says instead of going out for breakfast he’d like to make me breakfast at his place. So after the hearing I follow him back to his house. But his brother is there and I’m ready for shit to go down again. His brother is a wrecking ball just like him. But nothing happens. He makes me breakfast and he does this special thing with the ham. He cooks it in syrup. It's delicious. Best ham I’ve ever tasted. I’ve been cooking ham in syrup ever since.”


More Aphorisms

34. I repeat myself to make my thoughts clearer to myself. And because I hope that they will one day feel natural.

99. Men who act the same, speak the same. It doesn’t matter that they act and speak the “same”, in the rigorous sense of the word (whatever that means), but only that they try to, and believe that they do.

118. As I do philosophy I sometimes feel that I am saying nothing at all. That bothers me until I remind myself that I must be onto something.

133. Trying to show not with language but with a new form of life. To live so that new words are brought into being, or that new definitions attach to words. To make of your life a philosophical example.

200. That the idea of evolution for many implies the strongest and best surviving and not the luckiest, is a misunderstanding that perhaps overwhelms the whole of the idea of evolution’s contribution.

211. The idea that this is not the only way to live--why does this not bother a man more?

221. When he is not working in the service of others, a man is encouraged to act in his own way in his leisure time, what he also calls his “free time”. Yet this leisure activity, which he believes is his own, often constitutes the economic life of another man. Examples: getting a gym membership to use weight machines; going on vacations in structured environments; going to bars and restaurants; watching television programs; etc. But a man does not act on his own unless he acts outside an economy. A man assumes a sameness when the totality of his action is an economic exchange within a society. He is nothing more than a member, a counterparty, a client and a customer, even when he believes he is acting on his own in his own free time. The irony of his sense of freedom is that it has been reshaped as an exchange with other men.

254. To be free is to refuse to be human when it is offered to you.
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