A Dialogue on Surplus

Moraline: I feel a restless in the city. I have rested for long enough and must return to training and writing. The city imprisons me while far away, in some frozen north, I feel there is what I am looking for.
Maximin: But anything is better than the West. I just wonder if the bike has any place anymore. I now think it may be the backpack and the hiking boots to explore the wilderness.
Moraline: Got to go and get your wilderness skills up first with some small trips.
Maximin: Right, perhaps a base camp of some sort, then exploration in well organized efforts to gain the skills.
Moraline: I'm more unsure of myself and my next move than ever before. Acquisition of skills makes sense.
Maximin: Indeed, you have moved beyond boundaries. Perhaps the gods are now wondering your next move.
Moraline: I looked into learning Inupiat but there are less than 2500 speakers left now in Alaska, and the young Eskimos have no interest in it.
Maximin: You have travelled so far from the system that you are in an ether few men know.
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