Wisconsin Morning

The bicycle I rode did not fit me, and the positioning was too upright for an aggressive ride. But in that cold you ride aggressively. The mist upon the corn did not yield until later in the morning. A 4 point buck bounded through the fields and across the road ahead of me. It is youth hunting season here and he should have been more careful. Later, a bald eagle flew over me from behind and on ahead, following along the road. He must have been 8 feet across and he landed high in a white pine and watched me riding towards him. Then the little birds harassed him and out he flew slow and graceful back towards the lake. It was a hard, fast ride at the coldest part of the day to test myself and my gear for the cold of Denmark in mid-November. A few kilometers in I was warm. The Danish winter will be a pleasure.


Until Someone Great is Gone

Nils as chicken farmer, age 22 years.
Waushara County Wisconsin, 1941.

Chicken farmhouse and coop, designed by his brother Olaf and built by the brothers.
"What is this name, 'Nils'?"
"It is the plural of nothing," he replied.


Men der er ingen brug i døende,

Det vil tage sig af sig selv.

Hun fortalte mig, at bare have det sjovt.

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