Magic Wands

Credit expansion is the governments foremost tool in their struggle against the market economy. In their hands it is the magic wand designed to conjure away the scarcity of capital goods, to lower the rate of interest or to abolish it altogether, to finance lavish government spending, to expropriate the capitalists, to contrive everlasting booms, and to make everybody prosperous.

--from Human Action

When the government spends more, the public spends less. Public works are not accomplished by the miraculous power of a magic wand. They are paid for by funds taken away from the citizens.

--from Human Action

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  1. Anonymous4.2.10

    I wanna see the constitution burn
    Wanna watch the white house overturn
    Wanna witness some blue blood bleed red

    I wanna tar and lynch the KKK
    I wanna pull and shoot the NRA
    Yeah yeah yeah...

    Murder the government


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