For Sale: Space Mural

At age 5 young Jesse came to his parents and demanded a large piece of paper to accomodate a great idea. His parents discussed it and refused his request. Jesse's space ideas would have to wait until he could afford his own paper. So Jesse asked his father for as many sheets of scrap paper as he might spare. With tape secretly taken from his mother, Jesse taped together the loose pieces of paper to make a very large piece of paper. Jesse believed it was maybe the largest ever. Jesse then spent the next few weeks drawing with his magic markers what was to become an epic space battle. It was a most violent encounter and even Jesse wasn't sure who would win. Good and evil are clearly depicted and the galaxy hangs in the balance. Note the meticulous craftsmanship and care in the placing of the stars.

Now you can own this important piece of contemporary American art, and at a very reduced new price. Act quickly as the artist is also entertaining offers from numerous American art institutions.

$35,000--Just Reduced!


  1. Anonymous13.6.10

    I've downloaded the jpg file and it serves me as a desktop background on my lap top computer, which I leave open and on in public so that all in sight can enjoy this contemporary American art piece.

  2. Maximin said...

    "This is more moving to me than the Max Ernst and Joseph Cornell in Chicago. I have arranged with several hedge funds to finance the acqusition of this work. I remember the unclouded optimism of my youth. As I sit in this airport, I weep wearily, and even the set of legs to my right cannot cut through or dilute the choke of emotion landing on my exhausted spirit. This mural will be enlarged by my experts and projected to the sky. Once the dollar fails it will appear on newly issued currency in which the world will have full faith. Nice work kid."


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