The Story of Failure

They feel entitled to a life of pleasure and security, and to be distracted from boredom. They consider each other as equals, working desk jobs and going to restaurants and lounges on the weekends. Sometimes, when feeling especially risky, they go out late on a weeknight to consume alcohol with another couple despite having to report for work the following day. To each other they are one half of a whole and have no interest in creating children. Sex is simply another act of many that has been stripped of its consequences. It is one more pleasure to be consumed, one more distraction from boredom.

During the week they cuddle on a couch before a television and he watches the fashion designer reality show she likes and then a cooking show and sometimes a sitcom. She likes to discuss these shows and he will discuss them with her. It pleases him to see her enthused over the characters and contestants. She has a point of view that he values. Of course, she is tolerant when he asks to watch important sporting contests on the weekends and sometimes to go away from her to see them. They are partners in life and it feels good to both of them and they believe they are building something. They share pleasures and security and consume things together and it feels to them that everything has been solved; that they have discovered something the others are still looking for.

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  1. Anonymous2.5.11

    Ha ha. This is a good story of an American couple. Down with the taliban, down with al qeada, down with the crips.


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