Think of particular skills as being houses. Imagine a house of swimming. Dolphins may be on the third floor, man on the first. The dolphins may say among themselves how lowly and poorly evolved man is, he swims so badly. Man will respond, I swim well enough. I have no need for swimming better, though we men do have the capacity for it. Come next door to the house of language, he says. There you dolphins will only be on the first floor while we men will be on the third. That doesn’t matter, say the dolphins. We have no need for more language, though we have the capacity for it.


  1. Anonymous29.7.11

    I typed this:

    "Do your things well and concern yourself not with the other things you could do.

    Do your things well and concern yourself not with what the others do or how well they do it.

    Do your things well and concern yourself with how to do it better, or at least to your own satisfaction."

    Then I thought for a minute, and came up with this:

    "How words describe a thing done by someone or something does not matter. What matters is that one does what he intends to do, perhaps he does it well."

    I like your parable, and I wrestle with this idea often. I would not boast about the things I do, though, but I will boast about how well I experience them. How well I live.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7d0fuM8qGY&feature=player_embedded#at=210


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