After Overcoming

His overcoming brings the great peace. He overcomes into silence. The untroubled man no longer writes. There is no more need for philosophy, any sort of talking or writing about. Indeed, what is philosophy no longer has meaning for him. He understands that language can have nothing more to say on these matters. His overcoming has returned him to the world.


  1. See my comment on 4130 regarding the man on the top of the snow covered mountain after the solo climb. That might be it, what you are getting at. Just one of the ways, but occurred to me in this manner at the time. Might be the goal of some time in running--running, not writing is giving me this peace. The whole idea of the god among men, but without the transcendence of having ideas packed in some book or some creative thrill painted away on some canvas or some piece of music stuck on a record or a sheet of music.

  2. the goal of your writing must be to achieve a similar peace to that which running has given you. writing that begets further writing, that never climbs the snow-covered mountain to the highest silence, is worthless, inactive, academic dick-ing around.

    transcendence is for cowards unwilling to change their lives. writing that overcomes causes a man to live differently after it has been written. the institutions of other men no longer contain him.


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