Aforismo para Colombianas

An aphorism for Andreas of Braunau, Austria

The young Latinas say first among their priorities is the family. To have children, to be a joyful, simple and caring woman, to find the love of an honest man, these are her goals. Yet she sees the conspicuous wealth, the shopping malls, large homes, and fashionable women of the West and she thinks, ‘Now, if only I could have those things too.’ But she does not realize that the Western woman has given up families, the care for children, and her joy in exchange for grand material consumption.


  1. Anonymous6.10.11

    Anything you want and anything you get will cost you whatever you give up to get it. Our society usually thinks of "cost" in terms of dollars, but for me, the dollars are the only thing I give up that's indeed completely or nearly completely worthless.

  2. you must have inherited your dollars then or come across a buried treasure. i have had to sit at a computer and make successful trades or drive a forklift to get my dollars. my dollars represent those activities and i exchange them for things i need or do not need. but if in fact you are making a deeper statement about fiat currency itself than we are in total agreement.


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