64. Transcendence is the act of the desperate individual, a retreat from the world. He attempts to separate himself from the world because he lacks the courage to live differently in it, to change it. To listen to the call of an inner life is a coward’s project.

66. In transcendence he throws away his life. He follows the misdirection of errant philosophers. It is a denial of the world built upon a fallacy of thinking/language (dualism: mind/body separation). He who transcends is a living suicide.

69. To be transfigured is to change one’s form of life. There is no retreat. To transfigure is to be transformed by way of action in the world. To transfigure is to affirm the world, to ecstatically embrace it and to be visibly changedboth individual and the world.

79. If I am changed my aspect on the world is changed. My world is changed. I am the limits of the world.

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