On Domestication 2

The next phase of man's domestication is to make himself digital, to make himself fully binary. The grand metaphor of man as computer hardware is being realized, he is becoming his metaphor. Government and corporate interests provide a software called Rational Economic Man for him to run, and they are able to look in on it, police it, make updates to it, and predict what he will do. Data can be taken upon him all the time, a profile constructed, and he can be surveilled for his own protection.

Just as animals were domesticated and then selectively bred to become productive for the farmer, man is being domesticated into what is most productive for the State and the corporations that oversee him.

He is told to think of himself as rational, scientific, self-interested, economic man. His only concern is to amass ever more security and things: a lifetime of pleasure purchases, from drugs and sex, to vacations and second homes and things he will rarely use. He will consider all life in economic terms, from speaking of the sexual market value of women, to referring to himself as a saleable brand, to the cost-benefit analysis of each of his decisions. What matters is only what can be monetized. Every act will have a dollar value, the only value permissible. Indeed, the only value of interest to the State (taxes) and corporation (profits).

Religion must be eliminated as irrational (unpredictable). Altruism, though permitted, must be given its particular channel. Mysticism and self-sacrifice must be wiped out. Love must be declared impossible. What is moral will only be defined as what is legal. Verily, the family unitits privacy from State and corporate oversight, and allegiance to itselfmust be broken apart. Man's only activity should be economic activity. Man must only express himself through the channels of work for his corporate family, respect for the laws of his government, and the continual seeking of purchasable pleasures from his corporate providers.

Big data can protect domesticated man. It can make him safe from terror. It can anticipate what will pleasure him and offer it to him before he imagines it. Science and economics will define the ways in which he will act, the laws of his life, the software which defines his possibility.

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