New Dungarees

I bought two pairs of dungarees at the Fleet Farm in Oshkosh. Then I went fishing. These two large mouth bass were keepers. The larger now holds third place in the county competition. If it can hold on until the season ends next month I'll win a portable ice shanty. At 19.5 inches its the largest bass taken off our lake this winter. I plan to can catch a couple more tomorrow. I plan to wear my tan colored dungarees. They're new.


  1. First off, God bless your and your ice fishing endeavors. You keep this country strong. Moraline, we couldn't be happier about your selection of new dungarees. As far as trousers or slacks go, dungarees are without comparison for comfort and versatility. Were them often, conducting a variety of activities, and I am certain you will find them a rewarding investment.

    I am off to measure my torso for a internal framed hiking backpack. God bless you, son.

  2. Should read: "God bless you and your..."
    "Wear them often,"

    Much thanks,


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