Super Dump

2007 Freightliner Super Dump
 8LL tranny (18 speed), Jake Brake, 24 ton load capacity
Maxle Arm
Other men will tear up the earth and this man and his Super Dump truck will facilitate it. The fiat currency earned from this activity can be put towards the purchase of electronic devices used for the purposes of diversion as well as for short vacations to island resorts, the consumption of alcohol when not operating a commercial motor vehicle, the payment of rent, and the purchase of clothing according to the latest fashion.


  1. Looks beefy, in one transaction you've got nearly as many wheels as I do. Your net income from the operation of this super dump will support a great new lifestyle for you, ipads are now only $200 and most of the island resorts let you visit a faraway place without any of the hassles of being away from your home. got to look good while you're there, or no local will look at you through drunken eyes and say, "I am going to fuck you tonight"

  2. Man I've always wondered about the culture of these bad boys. how much time does it take to polish the 14 aluminum wheels?

  3. One day at the library on the bay I read an illustrated book of the trucks, published in the late 70s. I wondered to myself if that was a time that had been paved over by a bad tasting icing. But Moraline's life keeps re-appearing like an outlaw film from the early 70s. I would suggest Brasil for the iron ore work by the largest high-FE mine is now "truckless" and besides the mosquitoes are shit.


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