They Blew It Up

Of course my cb didnt work on that day either. It was on and off fr weeks. I was a fool to the scalemaster and payloader. When I asked him for 3/4 minus he told me something long and garbled. Whenever you can load me with it I said. He said more garbled stuff. Then he drove away. The quarry was empty. The crushers were not operating. The bulldozers had come off the mountain side. Nobody was in the excavator. Because the cb was out I had no idea what was going on. Then I saw a tiny drone rise up into the sky. It went up and up and then over to the side of the scaled off mountain. "5 minutes" something something I heard on the cb. Then I heard "1 minute" and somehing something. I realized the mountain was set to detonate. I was out in the middle of the quarry, alone, in my superdump. Aw hell, bring it down, I thought. Fuck it. Good a way as any. Then the mountain burped. A lateral section of it 1/2 way up exploded and came rumbling down. It seemed to happen in slow motion and then the muffled murmer reached me. The mountains were destroyed by an internal murmer. The drone moved in and surveyed what had been accomplished. Then the payloader drove back in. He didnt say anything on the cb. He loaded me with the 3/4 minus. Then he said something but I didnt understand that either.

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