I'm Fussy (Dual 1209)

And the operator of this machine will begin to speak knowledgeably of its gimbal, and the majesty of its stasis while all rotates around it.

He shall speak too of the plinth, the depth of the walnut's varnish, perhaps even its flip-front for storage. 

Above all he shall point out the Shure V15Vx cartridge and stylus and speak of its ability to track any record, even upside down; how coveted the Shure is and how it is no longer manufactured because of beryllium shortages.

And he shall speak of the Germanic brothers Steidinger, who learned machining parts from their clock-maker father. They would begin the manufacture of Dual turntables in the Black Forest, nearby to where Martin Heidegger was performing ontology in a hut, and these marvelous pieces of sound reproduction would be made by the brothers until their falling out and disassociation, whereby one brother would carry on with the Dual name and the other would become his competitor. In the late '70s the Japanese would end this family struggle, finally, as from the Orient they exported machines that did what Duals did but for cheaper.


  1. God damn that is a beautiful machine. And no doubt that machine makes it's owner quite proud, not only in the abilities and capabilities of the machine, notwithstanding that, indeed in humanity and the capability of people, not just to creat, but to enjoy, and to enjoy creating so others may enjoy. Ahhhhh humanity.

  2. Also, going forward, I will spell the word "shure" when I say shure. Like, "shure, I'll do that, no problem"


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