Aphorisms: Power

30. After learning from the greats, one must create to compete and topple them. You will find the limits of your ability and fail, or become a god among men.

38. This work you do is not relevant to your life. It is relevant to history and the lives of men who will come after. For what is great is great for all times, not any particular time.

39. It is not important to put before the public every idea as it is created. Rather, it is best during one's life to live quietly, without acclaim and attention, to keep what you are creating for yourself until the very end. It is the foul nature of attention and wealth to erode one's ability to create and think the hardest thought.

41. What is great is always timely, until it is defeated by that which is greater.

74. Seek out difficulty, danger and that which will destroy you.

90. Keep all victories to yourself, for yourself.

125. What is moral is that which heightens power.

130. A lack of physical power and physical discipline are the first indications of moral frailty.

139. Do not fear dying before you get there, for there is honor in it.


  1. I remember something Chuang Tzu said about creating--it will have its effect it it's worth something. It assumes there are others who can figure it out. That's a tough thing, that for a long time maybe no one sees it. Maybe it's not such a tough thing. I don't know.

  2. Hope for the toughest thing. Hope to be ignored. The recognition of lesser men is worthless, and the dead with which you compete are silent.

    If there is one living man who can come to you, learn from what you have done, and attempt to overcome it, then you have been given a great gift.


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