Productivity / Leisure

1. The real economic value of an invention is how well it is able to produce total leisure. For this reason the computer is more valuable than the video game. The latter soaks up leisure, while the former creates it.

1-2. The video game is an unproductive invention. Although it creates additional leisure for its creator, it causes the widespread destruction of leisure among the many who play it.

1-3. Real economic progress is the creation of additional total leisure.

3. Only with sufficient leisure time―undistracted by unproductive, leisure-squandering inventions―is it possible for man to create those inventions that would increase his leisure and the leisure of his fellow man. It is only from leisure that greater productivity, and additional leisure, is created. Only during his leisure does man have time to tinker and experiment and possibly create the next leisure-producing invention.

4. Leisure may also be applied towards man's spiritual life through art and religion (when properly practiced), creating in him a particular feeling about his own life, that of his fellow man and the world. Though it is disregarded today, this is undoubtedly leisure's most important application.

4-2. One must be careful in discussing it, but a spiritual and moral progress and productivity may also be spoken of. That is to say, the health of a society and its culture.

4-3. Why is it that man today turns away from using his leisure for his spiritual life to instead spend it on leisure-squandering activities? Verily, man may be spiritually ill-equipped to understand his leisure ― leisure is perhaps a burden for him. He has been trained to become bored easily.

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