Important Aphorism

1. Freedom is the opposite of money.


  1. Anonymous1.3.12

    This is one of those puzzles, one could twist and turn what it says many ways, but will never be able to twist it into a way that supposes that a man needs more money than he has. Having money leads to needing more money leads to less freedom. Wanting money leads to less freedom. Indifference to money hasn't been proven to lead to less money but certainly leads to freedom. Freedom therefor is indifference to money.

  2. perhaps only someone born into tremendous wealth, without choosing it -- more money than they could ever worry about spending -- could demonstrate indifference to money. but indifference is not freedom, and the indifferent man still has money.

    the intent of the aphorism was not a mindset towards money (indeed, indifference is perhaps a variant on transcending, a response to life i reject as morally & physically weak) but an embrace of a particular form of life beyond money: the gift, the life of the saint, the outlaw.

    freedom is never a private language, some private thought process inside a man he carries out in regard to his own life and phenomena. his degree of freedom results from a change in his form of life, observing life from a new aspect. this is never a hidden mental state, but a physical one. such a man is a different man to all around him. he acts entirely differently than he did yesterday.

  3. A man who creates his own values must hold himself to these values, and figure out a way--if there is a way--to store these values. If a man takes the stored values of another man, he is not pursuing his own values. This is why, at the end of the day, a woman does not respect and admire a man with money. She knows he has been dominated by another man.

    This leads us to ask a question about a man with a project and women. If a man is experiencing weakness in his project, is he conflating and confusing this weakness with his perception of the world? Is he making mistakes about correlation and causation? I would caution this man. I would ask him to suffer in solitude. I would ask him to continue training. I would counsel him not to return to Bogota.

  4. A man certainly shouldn't marry the pursuit of money, as many do.

    Is that why there is such a high divorce rate?

    I'm not that young anymore and I've learned money is a tool. So when pursuing money it's good to ask yourself what you intend to do with it, your tool. If it's just to get more tools, then what's the point?

    I wished I had read D558's remarks a few years ago. Suffering in silence is advisable for any man facing a barrier, a delay, a derailment in his project. Because nobody likes a crybaby. No one is going to help you, unless it's a friend and that person will only ask "Well, too bad. So what are you going to DO about it?"

    Your answer, to suffer in silence and make new plans or work-arounds. Don't complain, just ask questions, seek actionable answers.


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