Physical Risk

5. For a certain man his most important act is to risk himself. To seek out cruelty; to test himself in the harshest environments; to watch men beside him be smashed or obliterated; to run out of food and water on a hot and lonely steppe ― through this experience he recovers the religious. He passes beyond language and is visited by the gods. The problems of sitting are resolved.

11. He would not speak of transcendence, that activity of sitters & cowards ― men who separate their minds from their bodies. He has come to a special knowledge of the spirit through a challenge of the body. He conceives himself with a new sense, from a new aspect. Many forms of life have been nullified. There are few men with whom he is able to speak.

15. In place of philosophy or psychiatry or science or banking or the church, a certain man should seek out a particular experience to dissolve a particular problem. For the problem cannot be answered, only made to disappear.

18. Fearing to leave his culture, he receives answers to his problem that are insufficient. He cannot see the answer is tainted by the problem itself. From within his culture the problem cannot be made to disappear.

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  1. Yes.

    How many good men have sublimated the world into "bulls and bears" and have chased directions? I have often been fascinated by the television and the video game, but I myself am fascinated by the bulls and the bears. Surely, surely there are other animals.


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