Stare at the Gringo

The Colombian and Ecuadorian both stare long and hard at the blue-eyed gringo on the strange bicycle. But their gazes are different. The Colombian looks upon the blue-eyed gringo and his funny bike with surprise and curiosity. He may smile. He wishes to know more. There is thought and wonder behind his gaze. The Ecuadorian, however, looks upon the gringo and his strange bike with bewilderment. The Ecuadorian’s look is empty. There is nothing behind it, not even the dimmest of curiosities. He is speechless before the gringo. He looks and thinks nothing and could say nothing if the gringo stopped and spoke to him.

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  1. Is it possible though that these creatures are out of place, that perhaps deep in the jungle, they are in their element. I find myself, at times, in certain establishments, with similarly empty responses and stares. I wonder if these men are out of their element. But you are a man in the trenches and on the ground; unless I can observe otherwise, I will deem them as dim as you describe.


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