Not The Ride I Wanted

I do not think I found what I was looking for. There were office parks for credit card and chemical companies and then the massive homes on smaller lots-- that next year and next decade they will look at and be disgusted by and the children will ask them why they built them. The parents will know but be too embarassed to say. On a dirt road beyond a heavy gate I could just see a house through the trees. I am not sure this was the house I was looking for. I will try for the house again, another way, from another road, from another direction. There were, however, wonderful trees and the roads were fast and a white bicycle rides just a little faster. The clicking of a Sturmey Archer is a music you do not tire of. On each ride there is the remarkable.


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  1. Bike looks really great in all white. Thanks Eduard with coffee metalic brown twenty's


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