Raleigh Twenty Completed

Switched out stock Weinmann brake levers for early '70s Raleigh chromed steel levers. Scrapped the idea of a replacement gooseneck stem, as it required shimming to fit the old 23.8mm Raleigh handlebars to a 25.4mm clamp. When the Lemond shim failed I returned to the stock R20 stem. To extend the riding position I flipped the handlebars, now more a moustache set. Mounting the 20 x 1 3/8 fenders required drilling some holes and using the shorter wire fender stays off the peeling-chrome fenders original to the bike. Even with modifications much of the bike remains made by Englishmen from the 1970s--no parts made by zipperheads.

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  1. You may want to get drop bars and flip them and cut off the ends to make a sort of bullhorn set up , will give more room for long arms or get another stem which will take 25.4 mm. bars as the orig. 70's Twenty's had I believe. thanks Eduard


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