At Edmund F Brigham House

Edmund F Brigham House at 790 Sheridan Road, Glencoe, IL.
Frank Lloyd Wright architect, completed 1915.
Ride of 31km (same ride as Ravine Bluffs below)

Before I rode, Leonard the baker gave me pastries and told me how to beat a DUI case. It is a marvelous routine told to him by a Chicago judge and it made me wish to get back to the drinking if only to test it out. On the roads there were cyclists dressed like heroes from comic books riding lightweight machines used in racing competitions. While shooting pictures on Sheridan Road one of these brightly dressed men stopped and was worried I had flatted. No sir, I haven't. I appreciated his concern for my welfare. My bicycle seemed to confuse him and he rode along. At Glencoe Beach a man called Ivan approached me and had many questions about folding bikes. He talked to me of carbon fiber. I admitted I knew nothing of the substance. How much did my bike weigh? I did not think that was an appropriate question. It was like meeting a girl and within a few minutes asking her how much her breasts cost. Could he pick the bike up? Would you ask her if you could touch them? Ivan left.

Mathias and his wife and little children next introduced themselves. Knowing less about bicycles they were very pleasant to speak with. Mathias was from Pennsylvania and they were soon moving back to Philadelphia. I had lived there once and done good work there and I told them and we were happy to talk of things we both understood. Then we spoke knowingly of cheesesteaks and we became even a little happier. We wished each other luck and feeling hungry for something I could not ever find anywhere in Chicago I rode away. There are more pictures from this ride at http://www.flickr.com/photos/moralinefree/

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  1. How much do yo house cost? Do day have a 7 11 nearby? Jus aksin.


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