She and I were speaking on the phone yesterday.
I wanted to talk about bikes.
I was expressing my enthusiam for bicycles.
I asked her if she had a bicycle?
"Uh, yes. Of course. They will not yet you live in Denmark without a bicycle."
She did not seem to take the question seriously.
I talked about my folding bicycle.
She did not seem very impressed.
I said I would bring it with me to Copenhagen.
She was impressed, but then I realized she was impressed because that meant I was coming to Copenhagen. The bicycle was not important.
I asked her if she would go on a bike tour with me? We could ride to Berlin together?
She was not interested. She rides her bicycle every day to get to where she must go. She was not interested in touring or racing or anything like that. She would take a train to meet me.
I asked what her bike looked like.
"Oh, my bicycle is really stylish. Not these ugly things you Americans like to ride. The look of the bicycle is very important in my country. It is not important to go fast. And we would not wear helmets either. But let's talk about you coming to Denmark."
For her all the bicycle talk was too mundane to really speak about.
Bicycles are just a part of life.

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