The Poor

One of them stole my lunch last night.
I didn't get anything to eat at the 2am lunchbreak.
When you take the lunch of someone who rides bicycles aggressively you are stripping him of calories more necessary to his life than those of a regular man.
I'm not much on the machines anymore and without food the heavy lifting I did most of the night was exhausting. A few times I had to catch myself on the high ladder as I brought down the 4 gallon boxes of bleach.
But the poor can't beat me.
I reminded myself of that.
I fought the delirium with that.
The poor are poor because of laziness and carelessness.
The poor are poor because they choose to be.
The poor are getting exactly what they want from life.
The poor steal lunches, mislabel pallets, write wrong SKU numbers, pay exorbitant prices for shitty food from vending machines, and keep the break room filthy. The poor are weak and fat and badly dressed and badly smelling and worse than doing nothing well, they aspire to do nothing well.
I'm getting tired of working around these poor.

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