For Americans Who Wish To Become Danish

Let us suppose that instead of being slow, extravagant, inefficient, wasteful, unadaptive, stupid, and at least by tendency corrupt, the state changes its character entirely and becomes infinitely wise, good, disinterested, efficient, so that any man may run to it with any two-penny problem and have it solved for him at once in the wisest and best way possible. Suppose the state close-herds the individual so far as to forestall every conceivable consequence of his own bad judgement, weakness, incompetence; suppose it confiscates all his energy and resources and employs them much more advantageously all around than he can employ them if left to himself. My question still remains--what sort of person is the individual likely to become under those circumstances?

--from "Life, Liberty and..."

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  1. The "State" will always be some 23-yr old pussy named Hamilton. He's still an Anglophile (read: faggot) fuck. He'll still run off to NYC whenever the shit gets thick. He'll betray everyone who fought and risked something. Same fucking gig.


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