Res Gestae Denmark


  1. The whole place seems so mellow, cultivated, and beautiful. But there is that law in place, that aspirations are wrong and that ingenuity is illegal. For an idiot like me, maybe this would be a great place, my kind of people. Finally people who can appreciate my failures ("you should never have tried!"). Getting a ticket now.

  2. They will ask you to turn in your guns upon entry. In your first few days you will find the physical beauty of the women remarkable, the city clean and precise, the language impossible but interesting, and you will see and hear the bicycles everywhere and be excited. Then, after a week, you will come to understand the nature of these people's defeat. You will understand why Søren was hated and friendless. You will begin to hate the order and cleanliness and maybe even hate the bicycles. And then you will long for your guns. You will long to fail again. You will long for the bitter self-loathing that is available to the man who has tried and failed again and again.


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