Someone Take These Dreams Away


  1. You look like you enjoy killing people with your bare hands. People with firearms tend to be soft, fat, lazy, and delusional. People with kettle bells appear focused and death-inspired. Impressive. I will get kettle bells and then kill you with my bare hands.

  2. I spoke to Elmer Sell. He is the same man at 94 that he was at 80. I watched him chisel out his shanty after the ice storm. He is still a gruff man. He is still a drinker of the bloody mary.

  3. Of course Elmer Sell is still alive. And of course he has roofing paper covering his shed, and of course, even at 94 he still fishes the ice and drinks the bloody mary. If his wife is dead, he has no doubt gotten away from "the wife." I don't think you are a man of property, respect, or prosperity until you have your name written on you shanty. Not even close.


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