The Night Undoes the Work of the Day


  1. Anonymous28.1.10

    I spend all day driving my pickup in a fashion that would lead to it treating me very well for many years. Then at night, I drive it as if auditioning for the 1970's hit TV series "Dukes of Hazard" including carrying beautiful, voluptuous women who want nothing more than to feast on semen.

  2. Bo and Luke were courageous individualists who suffered personal attack from an overzealous state. Then the actors were changed and the outrage you felt for the attack on their liberty was not the same. I have nonetheless welded shut the doors on my Chevy Malibu in homage.

  3. Anonymous29.1.10

    Nicole: it was more a "hon, you're going through a reckless phase. It makes me nervous, but it seems like something you need to do. So just be careful. And have fun. "

  4. I'm lost in a confusion of money and record business ideas. All I ever wanted to do was write and be left alone. But then there was the fear of being disrespected as an ingrate, a freeloader, a con-man, a loser if I kept on with that path. One has an economic responsibility to the others. In this country that is the only responsibility between men.

  5. Anonymous5.2.10

    got laid. stayed in and watched movie called hurt locker, pop guns (m-16), Kalishnikov and also 50 cal represented, as well as a great sniper rifle. looked to be somewhere between .308 and 50 cal. hmmmmm.... bipod

    bombs, including "body bombs"

    explosions, and the paradox of a warrior.

    then received a text from a horny girl who happens to live on my way to work.


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