Aphorism on Consciousness

1. The suddenness of the appearance of consciousness, the disruption with which it appears, is as if one were watching a film at the cinema, being very much inside the story on the screen, the characters, feeling with them and being surprised and excited as the film progresses, when then, suddenly, the screen goes black. The lights come on. There is some technical problem. Suddenly you are aware of the movie theater itself, the others in the audience, and you and the others are anxious that the film begin again. The idea is to get the film projector working again, even if it is some temporary fix. Just so that you can finish this film.


  1. Anonymous7.10.10

    I have and we have been unconcious. In some ways, and not in others. I am doing what I can to retain documentation of this period. I am doing what I can to see that I understand what has happened. A new friend popped into our living room last night, and I was wearing very little clothing, and it was odd. We had a fun chat then he left. This dude has a wedding planned for February. I have no wedding planned nor any wedding plans other than to attend one in December.

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