Aphorisms for a Cleopatra

59. And in this great moment of overcoming he realized that the hunt was itself as stimulative as the piece of ass he would trade the meat for.

62. And for this man, her beauty and her beautiful pussy would not be enough for him to trade the meat he brought back from the hunt. The woman he wanted would need to be more than her beauty. She would need something more to interest him.

63. Just having a pussy is not enough to keep the great man. A woman should aspire to the example of Cleopatra.

73. The laziness of the Western woman is implicit in the history of codified morality (i.e. the morality of the extended order, the large group: the laws of the church and state). Instead of the hard work of maintaining a man’s interest in her, she supported laws and moral codes whereby a man would be punished for losing interest. In order to keep him with the minimum of effort, she worked to make him feel guilt for his deepest impulses; she set up a legal system that penalized him financially for becoming interested in other women; and in the most extreme cases she stripped him entirely of his masculinity (what the game guys call the beta and omega man).

76. For him to be monogamous, she must continually provide him with reasons for it. So few women make a convincing argument. So few women do the hard work of maintaining a man’s interest in them. So few women can offer a man the excitement of the hunt.

98. His mother is the only woman he will trust. His mother is the only woman he will return to.

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