The Difference

The difference between the sexes is the difference between hunting dangerous game and gathering roots and berries. In the former, he must be talented and precise, studying the behaviors of the animals and developing tools and techniques to kill them. Given his predilection for the largest game he often puts his life at risk. But hers is a leisurely activity without physical risk or exertion. Her gathering might also have been a social activity with much chatter among the women as they picked and dug at the surface roots. The men, in contrast, were silent as they tracked a large animal into new territory, or followed the blood spoor into the high grasses where the wounded beast awaited them. What was spoken would need to be communicated clearly and efficiently according to the needs of the hunt. These hunts were mostly unsuccessful and the men learned about failure and hunger. But the gathering usually went well and the women had much time for sitting and talking and waiting for the men to return.

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