On Progress

1. He tends to carry to an extreme an idea that has been shown to work, using it to solve other problems that plague him. What is called 'progress' is the sharpening of an idea. But a blade must be sharpened to the right angle for the work it is intended. Just as you cannot hack at wood with the fine blade of a butcher knife, there are ideas which when applied to other areas will be eventually blunted or broken.

1-2. The idea that there is some science to man is one such mis-application.

1-3. The idea that fails when wrongly applied risks being thrown out altogether when a new idea appears to address a problem (e.g. religion after the appearance of science).

1-4. An idea can be made too sharp for other uses.

2. Pieces of prior ideas and the orders they founded, exist today as shards, relics from other times. They should function as a silent reminder that this blade too will one day break. Yet man's investment in his latest idea is total and he will view it as the exception upon which an ultimate progress is possible.

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