Projects, Assignments & Systems

1. A project is a doing that is lead by you. An assignment is the helping of someone else with his project. You may have been assigned to his project, or you may have assigned yourself to his project. But he who has a project is doing something of his own--he is assigned to no one.

2. To say a system exists is to say that a person depends upon others for something. The extent to which his life is systematized is the extent to which he needs, or believes he needs, the others. His need of other men is a necessity when he is unable to survive on his own--he is domesticated.

3. When he has assigned himself to another's project it can be said that he has accepted his domestication. He shies away from initiating his own project. He lacks the courage for it.

4. Domestication is a lack. Domesticated man may lack the will to initiate his own project, or be too specialized in his knowledge to complete his project on his own. The specialized man will require others with the skills to do the things he cannot--he will not have an understanding of the whole.

5. That he lacks an understanding of the whole, that he is a specialist, or that he has no knowledge whatsoever, are consequences of his systematization. He is born into a world where men fulfill specialized functions for one another. He accepts that other men will do certain work for him, and that he will be assigned certain work for them. He accepts the need for other men. And the more he needs other men, the more he is domesticated by them, and they by him.

6. The great project will not have any others assigned to it, and its success or failure will have nothing to do with other men. The great project is outside the systems and beyond all domestication.

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