On Projects

54. The great project will matter to men of today and men of yesterday. He cannot say if it will matter to future men and that does not matter. He might expect that his greatness today will matter to future men as the greatness of Sophocles or Napoleon has mattered to him. But then he does not attempt greatness for men of the future: Today’s greatness projects back through history.

57. Just as in his own time he may try to live different forms of life and to travel and examine much of his world, an attempt at greatness will allow him to live beyond his time alongside the greats of other eras. For that which is great will span time, and men will carry it along with them.

59. Today's greatness determines the greatness of the future. Today's greatness determines the greatness of the past.

67. When he is not at work on his greatness, let him do projects that develop his physical strength or his rigor. Let him do projects--for himself or for others--so that he may eat and have some shelter. But he should do nothing for money that does not contribute to his strength or to his rigor.

82. Making money beyond what he needs for his food and for his shelter should be an accident. It is not why a man works. Money cannot be the reason for a great project, and it is not itself a great project. The project of making money without end is a woman’s project. It is a project for collecting security and collecting things.

83. The great project is the great gift. It is beyond any economics or calculus. Take care to protect the great project from money.

84. It is in the midst of a deep uncertainty that a greatness is born.

85. An excess of security endangers what is great. When he need no longer worry for his body and what will happen tomorrow, he risks losing the greatness he may be working on. But his nature works against him, as a man would rather live with more security than with less, particularly as he grows older. He would rather feel insured than uninsured. He would rather not work than work. He would rather save his energy than expend it. These tendencies in his nature have helped to preserve him through much of human history. But today these tendencies are why he fattens easily, why he suffers from the autism.

89. The great project, preserved and protected, will have the result of sainthood.

102. Be suspicious of the great project that makes much money. Its greatness may only be an appearance.

105. Beware of the project that requires sitting. And beware also of talking.

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