Intro to Sex Tourism (Part 2)

Previously: Part 1

I was hungover from the night before and figured I would say hi and get a look at Sofia and take her number if I liked her. Rocky and I walked down to a beat-up sedan parked at the bottom of the hill. The windows were tinted and the girls did not open them and I opened the door to look in. Rocky pushed me inside next to a smiling pretty girl with braces in the backseat. An older fat girl was driving and had a little hairless boy standing on her lap staring at me and sucking his thumb.

“Sofia’s in the passenger seat,” Rocky said. But Sofia did not turn around. Rocky pushed in next to me so that I was wedged between him and the girl called Luna, and then the car started and we were driving somewhere.

“Where we going, Rocky?”

“Chipichape,” he winked. Chipichape was the big shopping mall.

My head hurt and this was the last thing I wanted to be doing. I tried to get a better look at Sofia but she was wearing big sunglasses and texting on her phone and didn't look back at me. Nobody said much as we drove the 20 blocks to Chipichape, but Rocky kept grinning at me and winking. It was disgusting to be pushed up against him in the little car. I could feel the heat of his sweaty body against me.

We parked and walked inside the mall and Sofia still had not said a word to me. We ordered lunch at a parilla with Rocky and it was expected we pay for the girls and the little boy. My head hurt and I was finding it hard to believe what I had gotten myself into. I gave Rocky 25 pesos.

After we sat down it became clear that Rocky wanted to use me to impress this girl Luna and to build his rep with her--that he was friends with a young, cool guy-- and maybe also for me to occupy the 19 year old and the older one so he could get Luna alone. But our table only seated 4 and Rocky had seated himself at the next table leaving me with the 3 girls, with Luna sitting next to me. I had expected Rocky to do most of the talking since he had taken these girls out before, but by choosing to sit at the other table it was up to me to make conversation if there was to be any.

The older girl spoke mostly to the one year old Juan-Jose and Sofia sat across from me still wearing her big glasses and texting. Luna, the girl Rocky wanted, was the only one who spoke and she would make little jokes to me and touch my shoulder. But since it was the girl Rocky was after I smiled at her and didn’t say much.

By the standards of Colombian women Sofia was not a beauty. She was not well-dressed and was already top heavy with a badly done breast job and I could see a few dark hairs poking through the poorly applied mascara on her cheeks. She was not at all the great beauty Rocky had made her out to be.

“Sofia’s like that, man. With the texting. Take her out a few more times and she won’t do it as much.”

“A few more times?” I said. “I should break that fucking phone right now.”

Rocky smiled. The man had no game and this was the shit he not only tolerated but paid for to get laid.

For awhile nobody said anything at the table. Rocky stared at the girls and smiled and winked at me. Sometimes he said something in English about how cute Sofia was. I tried to enjoy the awkwardness of it all. I studied the other tables of Colombians and wondered if they recognized what was going on and had picked Rocky and me as sex tourists. I made faces at little Juan-Jose and made him laugh.

Under the table Sofia’s foot would touch mine and she would hold it there. She still had not looked up from her texting and I would make a slight movement to see if she would take her foot away but she did not. She did this throughout the meal and I supposed this was her way of telling me she was interested.

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