When I was caught up with the caleña at the concert at the Barrio de Gaubal I missed some things.

Alejandro told me that the Swiss girl Romaine, who I already knew had gotten brutally drunk again, had during the concert walked over to 2 different Colombian guys and without a word taken from them the chorizos they were eating and eaten them herself in front of them. Neither of the Colombians protested. Later when Alejandro found Romaine dancing with a known thief, who was certainly looking to steal from her, he tried to get her away from him and she refused. Alejandro finally had to pull her away.

And later, with the 4 of us squeezed into the back of the cab on the way back to the hostel, with Romaine passed out across his lap, the other Swiss Francoise passed out with her head against his shoulder snoring loudly, I did not know it but the caleña I had picked up--who was sitting on my lap, my head hidden in her hair against her neck--she began to stroke Alejandro’s hand thinking it was mine. We do not know how she thought his hand was mine, but she certainly did and stroked it gently and sensually using her fingers and her nails while I was touching and kissing her. Alejandro told me he knew I would fuck her because he turned his palm upwards and she touched her index finger lightly into the center of his palm, a signal of sexual intent in Colombia. And with that knowledge, Alejandro carefully withdrew his hand.

I learned of these stories last night while drinking rum cocktails on the roof before the New Year. Romaine did not remember the taking of the chorizos or the incident with the ladron, and she did not want to believe Alejandro. To test Romaine’s memory and to use the opportunity to retell a funny story, I asked her if she remembered the first night she had arrived at the hostel. She said she knew she got drunk and threw up all over the outdoor area of the hostel and that Derek the young American had tried to clean it up. Yes, that was true. But did she remember what she did earlier at the concert at the Panamericana? Romaine and Francoise looked at me funny. They had both been with us in a group there and they did not remember anything other than the concert.

I told Romaine that she had gotten hungry and gone and purchased a large plate of French fries which she then squirted with ketchup. She returned to the group and put the plate of fries on the ground so that she could kiss the young American. She surprised the young American with her kiss but he did not resist her and they held the kiss for a time. But then she must have felt tired and told the American and she sat down right where she was standing, sitting down on top of her plate of ketchup covered French fries. She then laid down on the ground and passed out with the plate of fries beneath her. She had not eaten a single french fry.

Alejandro and I were laughing and the Swiss girls looked at me and did not believe it. Francoise had been too drunk to remember either. Romaine considered it and then said to Francoise that this now explained all the red she had on her dress the next day. We all had a good laugh together. They were both fun girls, but they both drank too much.

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