Against Birth Control

If you’re not fucking to make children you’re not fucking. I want to make young mothers out of all these girls. This Game bullshit about running around banging chicks with plastic sleeves over your dick is degenerate. Who fucking cares about notch counts? How many fucking babies have you made, bro?

The point is to get the semen deep up in them and get them pregnant. You can’t feel shit with a condom anyway. Its not even sex. Its just fucking pointless. That notch count shit is a bunch of internet nerds bragging to each other. Cocksuckers.

I am firmly against all forms of birth control. I want these bitches fat from my progeny growing in them. And if a bitch aborts my kid I’ll kill her. That’s why I’m in South America. They wanna make babies here.

If you’re really a man you’ll get her juices all over your cock and fuck to put that sperm as far up in her as you can. You fuck to make babies. If she’s not into that the bitch gets no cock. Fuck the notch.

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