Notes on White Women

(or Why I Don't Like White Women of the West)

1. Go where white women do not go.

2. White women domesticate: they make it safe. Without predators or danger there grows physical weakness, moral and cultural degeneracy: That men should follow women into becoming soft, overly talkative pleasure seekers, believers in the security of the knowledge worker desk job, shopping and eating at the new restaurant and drinking boutique cocktails, participating in controlled adventures such as bike or running races, or white water rafting. Because women spend money on these pursuits the world is changed for them.

3. They first could only alter the world with their pussies, but now they change it faster with both their pussy and their money. The white man is useless to the white woman. He is one light entertainment among others. He need only be there when the time comes to supply the sperm.

4. The dark men of Cafayate, their faces the color of burnt leather, their hands strong and skillful, stopped working in the fields and as cobblers to start up excursion tourism options for white women and to open hostels. The white women flooded the small town and the dark men made more money, and the character of the town was changed.

5. It is for white women that the Indian sells tickets to the ruins and graves of his ancestors.

6. The white woman desires light entertainment--nothing that will make her contemplate too much or disturb her, and nothing that lasts too long.

7. The root dominance of white women: that she no longer fears rape and that she makes the same amount of money as a man. She feels no physical danger and has purchased control of the world.

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