Note on Women + Aphorisms (for men with projects)

To chase after her is to accept her as necessary and to privilege one’s interaction with her. But to chase after a creature that is physically weak, intellectually short-sighted, superficial, resistant to challenge, soft, and security-driven is his greatest mistake. A man will be unable to gather himself for his own project if his concern is with a woman. For to be with a woman means to enter into her world, a world of frivolity and dilettantism.

Rather discipline oneself to resist women. Choose instead to put the project first and relate to women only as a break from your work. If the project is strong and your commitment sincere she will sense it and be drawn to you. A man with a project can relate to a woman as a light and infrequent diversion from hard work. Because he does not need her, he need not take her seriously. Jealously wanting to be as important as his work she will be the one to give chase.

But beware, as much as she may present herself as a cheerful and patient companion, it is her nature to be primary and she will come to resent your project as though it were another woman. Because she cannot go to the hard places and do the hard things to which a certain type of man is called, her presence can only undermine and weaken what is strong and disciplined. His greatness can only exist alone or in the company of men who have also put great projects first.

There can be no greatness in the company of a woman.

A man with important work must be always wary of who he surrounds himself. Many are careful in their selection of other men, but fail to be as selective regarding women. They allow to be closest, to sleep beside them at night, she who while seemingly supportive at the start, slowly sows the seeds of his destruction, slowly softening him, lessening him, gently remaking him according to her needs. And then, when his will to greatness has been destroyed, his project abandoned, and he has been recast as she would like him, she loses interest. If she still has her looks she leaves him for another man. If she has lost her looks she stays with him, despising him every day.


11. Around a woman he must not linger too long. A man strays into dangerous territory as his physical desire for her wanes and he begins to provide himself other reasons for keeping her around.

13. “Women live for the species. Men live for the individual.” (paraphrased from Art Schopenhauer) But that was more than a century ago and is no longer. Men no longer put their projects first or aspire to have them. They live as women live, frivolously.

14. Game = men living for women

17. Game is a woman’s dream come true. “Finally,” she says to her girlfriend, “men have learned how to wear makeup too.”


  1. 18. All this talk of women = ?

    19. Let me clarify. Why speak of women, when we don't openly discuss the best way to wash our balls.

    20. What does it accomplish to speak of women like this? It proves their power over "us." [observation; the inclusive language is intended to help the reader get more comfortable]

    21. South America is supposed to have a special energy. I don't doubt it does.

  2. "women" is intended to mean "western women". yes, they have power over men and its not because someone writes about them. in fact, the writing is intended to question and break that power, to shatter the spell.

    just ask yourself: how much time would you spend with her if she didn't have a pussy?

  3. That question is fine; but that question ignores my point entirely. The point is that I take the stance that women being part of my life is not a choice of "yes or no," or "game or no game" or "controlling or controlled" just as I do not make a "decision" whether or not to wash my balls. I accept women in my life, and so many of these ideas are irrelevant. Many of these are moot points. It's an interesting interaction, between men and women who don't understand themselves, yet.

  4. but allowing a woman into your life is a choice of yes or no.

    i dont follow you here.

    sexual desire is a want. it is not a need like eating or sleeping.

  5. Again the language fails. I question the relevance of any comment on women. If a man is controlled by his woman, his job, or his desires, then he is less of a man. But a woman has no more power over a MAN than a flat tire on a bicycle. It would be very difficult to go further with a flat tire. But it is easy to fix a flat tire, and then you can go further. A woman only slows you down if you are unable to be a MAN in her presence. I haven't seen any posts about flat tires. Certainly, you have had some flat tires on your journey?

  6. The portion above relating to making one's project the most important aspect, and the bit on how to be chased, vs. to chase, those bits are relevant and I did enjoy reading them and I don't disagree.

  7. "A woman only slows you down if you are unable to be a MAN in her presence."

    Go ahead. Surround yourself with a bunch of weak runners and see how much better a runner they make you. Enter women's races, defeat them soundly.

    The company of your peers is the best training, and training alone is second best. But training with women will just give you a false sense of your abilities.

    Women do not challenge men in any single way--not physically or intellectually. In the history of the world they have not produced anything of relevance. If you want to be stronger you must associate with what is also strong. If you are truly strong and truly great then you will despise the weak and not ever let them near you.

    If you decide to do what a woman cannot she will simply be unable to follow you where you must go. The idea that she supports you in some way is a ridiculous one, a lie you tell yourself to hide the decrease in your productivity; to obscure the neglect of that which you were capable of.

    But most Western men live as women and are thus quite comfortable having them around. To them what I have written above will seem ridiculous.

    I once wrote the question "What do you do in your life that a woman cannot do?" If you can't think of anything then you're not living as a man.

  8. Western woman is less like a flat tire. More like a stolen bicycle. Man will go no further.


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