Aphorisms: Woman

6. It is a woman's meaning to build a home, to secure a mate who will protect her and that home, and to populate that home with tiny miniatures.

18. Beware the woman who after a certain age still does not want or have children.

20. The woman who chooses to go childless is a sickness, an abomination to her nature. She suffers from a perversion of the instincts. She suffers from a lack of meaning.

21. The damage runs deep in the childless woman and her sickness can manifest itself in many dangerous ways. Men should avoid her.

39. Creation is the only possible curative for the childless woman. Only art can overcome the sickness in her nature. Only art can redeem her.

40. The woman artist is the one who has given up child bearing and overcome this flaw in her instincts. This woman can be great. She can be as great as any man. Perhaps she can be greater.

55. No woman who builds a home and makes children can be great.


  1. Anonymous18.3.10

    This is a very disturbing sequence of aphorisms. Capitcha on this one = "horing". Irony. Not really.

  2. Anonymous18.3.10

    ...besides #20. That one makes the rest make sense. Still, the fairer sex suffers from mental anguish incomprehensible to men.

  3. Their problem is that they speak instead of act. A top fella once spent a lot of time describing this difference between saying and showing, though not in regard to men and women. Language ends up being very limited and frustrating for them.

    A man uses language as a lesser companion to action. A woman uses language on its own, to influence, as an expression of her power.


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