Everything But The Girl


  1. Anonymous11.3.10

    Implying you got the pants, the shoes, the belt, and the pool (or at least the confidence and swagger inspired by having those things).

    Girl I railed last night has the best tits I've ever laid hands on. Massive perky globes. Not massive like the girls who you can spot across the bar or from the corner of your eye as you drive around downtown. No, I mean sneaky-massive: heavy, solid, perky, round, and smooth. Those will fuck with me for a while.

  2. Anonymous11.3.10

    Implying that you got the bike, the pants, the shoes, and the pool (or maybe just the confidence that goes with having things like these).

    Girl I railed last night has the most tremendous breasts. Not like the kind of breasts you notice from across the bar or across the street. No, these are sneaky/scary huge. Firm, dense, heavy, globes that are so smooth and such an unfair matchup for my hands.

  3. Anonymous11.3.10

    .... each (breast) denying what the other affirmed and affirming what the other denied.

  4. The bike comes with plaid pants and a pool pass. The rest is up to you.

  5. Trousers. Not pants. Trousers is the better word. That gentlemen finessing the bikini girl with his Paramount is wearing plaid trousers.

  6. ... though think the term "gentleman" should not be used to describe such a focused and ferocious beast of a man. See inset photo for example. Passion and aggression exuded, the woman has no choice but to yield ...


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