Work In Progress: 1972 Schwinn Paramount

She gonna be a tiger, man.


  1. Anonymous22.3.10

    57 cm, tapered BB, but best of all, high-flange hubs.

  2. Close. 58cm c-t. That BB is now out. Nearly tore apart my elbows wrenching it over the weekend failing to move it much. Just from the bike shop where they vised it up and leaned into it with a 4 ft cheater bar. Still hardly moved. Rust, fucking rust, as I feared had set in. Water accumulated there, probably when the bike was sitting around in storage over the years. The Paramounts were not made with drain holes on bottom bracket underside.

    Got to take it apart again, oxalic acid bathe the frame, then hit it with frame saver. Ordered the new BB and will have the shop face it when it comes in. Probably 2 weeks from rideable if I can score the Simplex Retrofriction I want, but you can ride in one gear without the sprockets on these Midwestern flats. But shit, today was a rideable day. Shit, all days are rideable days. Shit.

  3. Anonymous23.3.10

    Nicole: yeah
    it might be a terrible idea joint wise
    but fuck it, I wanna play frisbee
    my doctor was all "bike more"
    no problem.
    run less? problem.


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