Taking Pleasure In Things

Campagnolo Super Record Brake Levers

Campagnolo Super Record Brake Calipers

Campagnolo Nuovo Record Crankset, 1974


  1. Anonymous28.3.10

    Admiration and respect for beauty. Creation of a compelling image using things and light (perhaps using a camera, though one could appreciate this compelling image without a camera as well). The anticipation of something great (maybe a completed bicycle that will take you to the top of a mountain), the anticipation itself enjoyed as a belonging.

  2. Taken this morning with a camera.

  3. Another thing to be said about Campagnolo components, particularly the old ones, is that they function as a store of value and an excellent hedge against inflation. If shit gets bad what would you rather have: a room full of gold bars and coins, or a room full of Campy parts? When you want a loaf of bread how do you get change for a bar of gold? What other use does a gold bar have? A weapon for bashing? Holding gold also makes you a target to marauders and the government (laws against hoarding were instituted by FDR).

    Campy parts can be used for many things and further broken apart. Shit, even the rear derailleur screws have value ($25plus on ebay). A couple 5/32 bearings are probably worth a cart of groceries. Then, of course, you can use the parts for riding and escaping on bicycles. A crankarm and chainring would probably make a good handheld weapon.

    So fuck gold. Go Campy.


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