(A Few Further) Aphorisms: Woman

100. What is generally understood as moral is conduct which women find acceptable.

101. Men are expected to sublimate their instincts and desires to this morality. If he does not, she makes him understand that he does not get this woman.

110. Her morality makes important demands: he will mate with and desire only her; he will be generous with her in all ways; he will give her more attention than himself; he will protect her from all dangers; he will listen to her; he will be there to restore her confidence; and he will make her laugh.

115. He sins when these demands are not met, and is a less desirable mate.

117. What of his demands? He is not allowed to have demands.

118. Man is not allowed to have his morality.

119. To have her he must not make demands. To have her he must change his behavior.

129. There are some who demand a long history of acceptable behavior before he is allowed to have her. He must prove repeatedly his moral fitness.

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  1. Which is why women are generally to be considered challenges, problems, possessions, toys for the most part. Rarely will you find a woman worth proving your own moral fitness (by their interpretation). The more demanding in this regard a woman is, the less she gets from me. I'm inspired by snow, darkness and creation. Women are mental and physical fodder. They have warm holes and provide a fun game to play.


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