Dan is the burly bearded guy in plumbing. If you’ve ever talked to him you know who I’m talking about. Dan addresses everyone, including women, as “little buddy.” Hi Dan, you’ll say. He’ll say, “Hey there little buddy,” or “Little buddy, I can’t wait to get this day going!” I remember his concern when the store hired an older guy actually named Buddy. I never did find out how Dan addressed him. The other thing about Dan is his enthusiasm. You’ll say, “Dan, how are ya?” And he will stop and hold out his hand to stop you, make a dramatic pause, and then say: “How am I doing? You wanna know, little buddy? I’m doing spectacular. Little buddy, I can’t believe it! Unbelievable is how I’m doing! Wow!” I went through this a couple of times with Dan and watched him respond this way to others. I no longer ask Dan how he is doing.

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