Democracy and the Middle Class

1. The chicken does not fear man. In fact, the chicken fears nothing.

2. The chicken has lost the ability to fly.

3. In the wild, the chicken no longer exists. Released from the farms of man, the chicken would quickly die.

4. The chicken has given man his liberty in exchange for food, given man his liberty in exchange for security, given man his liberty in exchange for the coop.

5. The chicken will one day, suddenly, have his throat cut by a man. He lives and eats only for the slaughter.

6. It is a hard bargain but it works for the chicken.


  1. Fear motivates. Flying makes all things too easy. Support systems (man, the coop) make everything seem OK. Liberty is a word misunderstood by most men. Slaughter is the same as slavery, with more honor. We men are collectively chicken shit motherfuckers.

  2. Yes, it is fear. But the problem is for those born into this situation who do not fear, or who are comfortable with fear. If these men remain among the middle class herd, living as they do, they must sacrifice great ambitions. If these men are unable to rise to the top of power (political or corporate) they will be deeply unsatisifed. These are men born to lead, to create, to dominate. As an alternative to the middle middling classes even street thuggery is superior as a purer expression of their power.

    But my point in this was to say that you're shit if you're middle class. The government will take your shit. You're the sucker. The rich and the poor will own the coming the decades, while the middle class suckers pay the bill, get their throats cut.

  3. I didn't know really what I was saying at the time, but I had a moment of real insight when I said you shouldn't do a job that earns you more than $20,000.

  4. Every dollar you earn over 20,000 might as well be an additional chain link you need to drag around.

    Yes this middle class existence enslaves many, most. But it is possible to transcend this enslaved state. I took to her bed a girl last night who makes enough money for two people to live comfortably on. My monthly photography check yesterday was for $345.

  5. I clip coupons from the paper fabric that is stuffed in the souls of brand new shoes.


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