Ken works the parking lot with Sam. Ken is slow moving and hunched, with a thick black moustache and bifocal glasses. He speaks little and in a low mumble, though you will often see him walking a cart through the lot muttering to himself. Ken sleeps in his minivan behind the Meyer Grocery. He came into some money a few years ago after being hit by a car while riding a bicycle and he was able to move into an apartment. But the money went fast and not even a year later he was back sleeping behind the Meyer Grocery. Teddy over at Teddy’s Sandwiches gives him lunch for free because he feels sorry for him.

Last year Ken didn't show up to work for 2 months. Nobody knew where he was until his brother called saying he was recovering from a terrific car accident. When Ken returned to work he told Bill Lange there hadn’t been any accident, he had been locked up. It started when his car broke down and because he did not own a cell phone he began knocking on doors asking for help. Nobody would help him. When a woman tried to shut the door on him Ken kicked the door in and walked into her house telling her he needed to use her phone. She started screaming and he told her: Shut the fuck up. Sit the fuck down. Ken called a tow truck and then walked back to his car. The tow truck arrived along with 3 squad cars and they took Ken to jail. No one Ken knew had the money to bail him out and he spent 2 months in jail. When he finished telling Bill Lange this story he asked him for seven thousand dollars.

Ken returning to the parking lot

Ken choosing a snack from the vending machine

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  1. Anonymous1.6.10

    I once kicked the door in of a neighbor of my best friend, mistaking the front door for his front door after we broke the key in the key hole one night. The next morning, the woman whose front door we kicked in appeared in my life. She was a beautiful spanish speaking woman, incapable of not smiling. Perhaps she was as pleased that THIS young man kicked her door in as THIS young man was that he had tried to kick down the door of such a lovely woman. No police involvement was needed. I don't remember being asked to pay for the damage.


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